About Us

Tarant gives banks what they love: considerably lower costs, incredibly experienced professionals and deep Flexcube knowledge.

Three main factors motivated the establishment of our company: we’d like to offer a novel service in an outsourcing system, supported by a high level of expertise.

We have noticed an increased demand on the growing regional market for professionals experienced with Flexcube, one of the leading banking systems. At the same time we would like to introduce and make accessible the Indian outsourcing system, which has been well-tried in other places, and which provides the combination of high levels of professionalism with favorable prices. Furthermore, our company wishes to stand out from our competitors by offering You certain services in an entirely unusual way: offering You certain services in a package, at a fixed price.

Expertise at a favorable price

The outsourcing, in other words outplacing of resources, is a long-term agreement with an external supplier to perform tasks that we would otherwise do on our own. And if we are going to outsource our resources, why not place them in a country where specialists possess a high level of expertise, are available in unbelievable numbers, and last but not least, offer their services at a far more favorable price than at home. These factors have made India, and within that primarily Bangalore one of the world’s leading IT outsourcing centers.

Flexcube advanced

Our team, consisting of the best specialists, developers armed with outstanding knowledge and experience are at home in all phases of Flexcube projects, thanks to their average of 4-5 years of Flexcube experience. We put our team together so as to be able to delegate a colleague with the necessary expertise and experience to any phase of an average project. Therefore, in our team, you may find Flexcube consultants, specialists, developers, and interface developers as well as migration specialists and naturally testers as well.

At the same time, we strive to cover Flexcube’s wide range of products as much as possible, so we possess expertise and experience with nearly every module.

The backbone of our team is composed of specialists with up to 10 years of Flexcube experience, the majority of which they spent working for i-flex solutions. They have witnessed the development of the product from the very earliest phases from up close, thus possessing significant background knowledge. They provide the key to our success.

Selection of the other team members happens under direct control of team and group leaders, thus guaranteeing that only the best professionals make it on the team. Our entire team has an average of 4-5 years of Flexcube experience, which means necessary experience, and even more favorable prices.

As a result of the size and structure of the Indian IT market, our team has unlimited growth potential, the supply of specialists is enormous. As we made certain during the interviews, several potential colleagues await with bated breath the opportunity to join our team.

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